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The other name of Purbasha eco helpline society is god’s citadel which renders ease in mind .this is the one and mere society encircled by the exquisite beauties of the remote and secluded Chargheri village .this society is in progress honoring the unmatchable resolution to do good in respect of education moral sense enhancing heath, preservation of mangrove and farming of the people belonging to this villagers. This is society was born on the 25th may 2010 ,just after the large-scale destruction caused by AYLA. Although we are to live out side for beyond this village in connection with shouldering the huge responsibilities and duties of our service and education ,the horror and ugly appearance and episode of  ayla is still alive and fresh in our minds and our eyes still refuse to for gate the disastrous consequences of that natural calamity on that day , we had not bowed as it was the divine dispensation ,but we did not surrender to deep dejection immediately after the occurrence of the natural disaster ,we vowed to revive the celebrated tradition of this remote and secluded village our society extended helping hands to the needy and victims survived by offering huge amount of food ,medicines and clothes (garments).

This a part ,our society has registered an example of divine creator by planting near about 4(four)lac plants of mangroves on the bank of the rivers , beside , an area has been demarcated for the preservation and manifestation of hose shoe crab , over and above ,the members belonging to this society ,have involved themselves in spreading education to mass as a mark of respect and gratitude to the Shantigachhi high school, situated on the Satjelia island of remote and secluded  island of sundarban ,A part from these contributions ,our society has given a lot of books on antique wild animal preservation liagily to situated on the Satjelia island of the remote triangular isand of sundarban .A part from these contribution our society has gives a lot of books an quiz and wild animals preservation liability to the students of this school.

The students of this   school satjelia island. This apart, our society has organized many cultural programmes in the school in the first year , many useful books were given to the students by TEPANTER SWAPANA .This apart ,the students of two classes of that school were gifted school bags and ,books beyond  member which were donated for the library of that school specially for the students of classes xi & xii with the financial assistance of the S . B.I Gurap Branch, ,Along with  heart felt co-operation of Tepanterer Swapna of late ,a most admirable social work was performed that is a well embellished library has been instituted in the village Chargheri .We are heartily glad for that great work .

The painted periodical Tepanterer Swapna has not only painted the unparallel natural surroundings and wild life of sundarban but the way of living of the Ignored and petty people of sundarban with still photographs also. We express our heart –felt thanks to those customers , advertisers ,counsellors , good thinkers ,writes and photographers , who are directly or indirectly involved for reaching the antique history of sundarban to the sundarban lovers belonging to  all the globe over ,It was quite absurd on our part to decorate ,s the peerless beauties of sundarban miracles architected by our society to the bed –rooms of the world’s  family institutions without   your hearty co-operation and financial assistance .All credit regarding  saving the celebrated tradition of sundarban goes to you all. Our effects are still being exercised .Our immediate programmes are to set up a school for the unschooled  boys and girls of different villages of sundarban and to create  a health centre  and to arrange training  classes to hike  the farming senses of the tiny lives of sundarban. This, apart the work of a massive infrastructure in the historic villages of sundarban is in progress.

Considering the true tales at the life related to the sundarban, .if you contemplate to extend the hands of co-operation in any way produced beneath this leaflet .we promise from the core of our heart to reach your  meager financial blessing to the needy and peace- loving people belonging to the remote and secluded villagers of sundarban considering as a task of The Supreme being .Those who have already shared this moral burden are given special gratitude and thanks on our behalf ……………